Made in Paint X

This year’s Made In Paint marks our 10th exhibition for the artists who joined us in 2022. Despite dealing with the oppressive weight of COVID, these artists brought to our small rural community their energy, incredible talent, and willingness to explore hundreds of materials at their disposal. While many residencies offer artists an opportunity to finish up work or projects, these artists generously suspended all the usual turns they might have taken in their work and instead, used this time to genuinely experiment. In doing so, many found challenging aspects or new direction in their work.
The amount of work by these 18 artists was overwhelming. Many worked into the early hours of the morning to cram in as much painting time as possible during their 28 days of residency. These artists were incredibly generous, in their ambition to try out new possibilities, and in their willingness to engage with the valuable resources provided by the Material & Applications Specialists, Formulating Technicians, and Custom Labs of Golden Artist Colors. Many artists met independently with GOLDEN staff members, who provided one-on-one sessions for our residents.
Yet the real gratitude is ours, for having had the opportunity to share in the lives and works of these amazing artists. They have brought to our small community the gifts of joy and comradery, with some of the most talented and creative artists in the world.
As we celebrate our 10th Made In Paint exhibition, I’d like to take this time to share my farewell.
It has been my extreme joy to have been able to contribute to the success of the Golden Residency Program, and my immense pride to hand over the leadership to my daughter Emma. In 2021, I stepped down from my role at the Golden Foundation, as well as my 40-year tenure at Golden Artist Colors.
Although this could have been an extremely emotional time, it is now anything but that. I consider this next phase of my life to be the most important job in my career; Grandma to my two Grandchildren, Oren, 3, and Adele, 1. And yes, Adele is named after her great grandmother.
While this new role brings me incredible happiness and fulfillment, I remain committed to the continued success of the Golden Foundation, along with my family and the profound gratitude that I have for the many artists that have joined us in this journey.
The Made In Paint exhibition continues to be a special occasion for me, as we get to share the amazing variety of artistic styles, methods, and materials. These artists continue to move forward the importance of painting. While I have left my role in the administration of the Foundation, I will not leave the excitement of being thrilled to see the works in progress, or the joy of time spent with the residents.
Finally, as the Director Torch is passed to Emma, I couldn’t be more proud of her leadership. She continues to inspire me in her ability to move our dreams forward. I look forward to many years of both watching the kids and the Residency grow under her care.
To all the family and friends of the Foundation as well as Golden Artist Colors, I offer my extreme gratitude for all your contributions of time and resources. I remain honored to have had the tutelage of Lucy Funke, whose leadership as Director of the Foundation from 1997 to 2007, has kept me inspired. To family, Mark, Emma, Callen, Tom, Jean Marc, Tania, and Seth, you have made this truly a magical story for me.
Barb Golden

Elisabeth Condon
Eleanor Conover
Cat Crotchett
Maeve D’Arcy
Laura Duerwald
Mark Joshua Epstein
Huang Hua-Chen 黃華真
Elizabeth Gilfilen
Jacin Giordano
Louise Mandumbwa
Wen Meng-Yu 温孟瑜
Marcello Pope
Cristi Rinklin
Laura Von Rosk
Erika Whitney
Laura Williams
Etty Yaniv
Emily Zuch