Carl Plansky & Friends


Painter, paintmaker, teacher, devotee of opera, Carl Plansky has left an indelible legacy. Friends of Carl Plansky abound. His list of friends penetrates the art world. Carl has left the world of painters, of artists, richer than he found it.

This exhibition, ‘Carl Plansky & Friends’, celebrates Carl’s legacy, his dedication, his contributions, with paintings of his own and with those of nine ‘Friends.’ The ‘Friends’, drawn from a larger group of intimates, stand together to confirm their individual relationships with Carl, his paints and his friendship. Milton Resnick, Pat Passlof, Jake Berthot, Cora Cohen, Susanna Coffey, Bill Jensen, Margrit Lewczuk, Judith Linhares, Mary Jo Vath, all of whom could show together in any gallery in the world and all of whom have in common, a history with Carl Plansky. (read more)