2012 Essay


by Mark Golden

Combining industry with the arts has been the history and legacy of Sam Golden and his partner Leonard Bocour from their beginnings in 1933. It was this legacy that had been imbedded in the mission of Golden Artist Colors. It was this theme that also inspired the creation of the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts to honor this heritage and to give back to so many of the artists that have supported this family over decades.
The Golden Foundation Residency Barn began construction in 2008. With the help of family and friends and many volunteers from Golden Artist Colors, we completed construction in 2012. Our special thanks go out to: Bill Ferraldo, our architect and his team at Harmony Design in Syracuse, whose love for the project shows throughout the building; our general contractors, Don Westcott, Scott Simpson and crew Scott Price and the late Martin VanSteinburg who cared for this building like it was their own; Fran Reale, who kept the project on the straight and narrow; Shawn and Kerry Kelly who literally moved mountains, never wavering in their support for us; Scott Larchar and Greg Kasprowicz of Suburban Propane, who created a heating system that looks like a work of art; Dan Lowe of Yes Electric, who became our trusted friend and consultant in every phase of this building; Jason Albertina and crew for plumbing miles of sinks and bathrooms; and to friends, Dave and Joel Raimy for all their finish work. We could not have completed this task without the backing of these people, and our friends Jennifer Telesky and David Theleman at NBT Bank.

With the Barn nearing completion, an even greater challenge was creating the Residency program. For this we brought together several advisory groups that gave us invaluable aid in crafting the programs for our residents. To Steve Ginsburg, Paula Poons, Jim Walsh, Sydney Waller, Bill Ferraldo, Donna Lamb, Lu Dick, Frank Owen, Ulysses Jackson, Cristina Toro, Terry Slade, Judy Barringer, and Ariel Shanberg, we are ever grateful for your sharing of insights and knowledge. Although the space was not exactly ready for our official residents, we opened the studios for several guests who become in-situ consultants in our efforts to build the programs. Jackie Battenfield, it seemed we were always calling on you when we needed to figure out things. Karrie Hovey, although nothing was really ready for your stay, you made it work and provided valuable support and friendship.
The renovated Barn was still in the process of completion as we welcomed our first official ‘Artists in Residence’ to spend a month with us. Although these artists were our guests they also were incredibly generous collaborators. We took their lead as to the level of resources, tools, and contact they needed for their stay to be successful. And each and every one of these artists gave back to the Residency with their honest advice and support for how to make the Residency experience even more positive for the coming months and years. The most significant learning from the first session was the degree of camaraderie and collaboration that was enjoyed between the artists and the nearby staff of Golden Artist Colors. It is clear that this Residency is a unique opportunity for artists who already have a passion for their materials, to be able to explore an even greater range of possibilities and develop more control over their chosen media.

So to Erin, Jennifer, Mel, Karima, Elizabeth, Lynette and Kevin, thank you for all the energy, understanding and creativity you brought to our first year and for all the gifts you left us. We only hope that we were able to give you in return some measure of value worthy to repay your kindness. The program is now in its second year and we are delighted to announce that we have grown from 7 artists to 18 artists participating in the 2013 Residency. This year’s program will run from April through November. Artists will
join us from states across the country as well as from Canada, Australia, Israel and the UK. To choose among the very talented group of applicants this year we again assembled
a highly esteemed selection committee including; Sydney Waller, arts curator and consultant from our 2012 selection committee; Steven Kern, Executive Director of the Everson Museum; and Mary Murray, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute.

It is our sincere hope that we can continue to provide the critical support for artists, who often work in isolation, to push boundaries with their work and their materials. It is the goal of the Golden Foundation to grow the support for this effort, to be able to serve more artists in the future and to celebrate artists who work in paint.

We would also like to thank those individuals who have supported the Foundation in so many different ways: Barbara and Jeff Schindler, Fran Reale, Lisa Nelson, Jodi O’Dell, Mike Townsend, Amy McKinnon, Sarah Sands, Lori Wilson, Greg Sheldon, Tim Knapp, Brian Furner, Sara Phillips, Jonie Bassett, Kathy Armitage, Carol Hicks, Kelly York, Valerie Gould, Harold Fancher, Howard and Mary Thaller, Pamela Hernandez, Anna Marshall, Ken and Peggy Golden, Leah Schmitt, Lu Dick, Pat Pirrone, Brandon Schulz, Mary Alice Braukman, Steve Joslyn, Donna and Jennissa Hart, Darryl Hughto and Susan Roth, Alysen Parsons, Dave Crandall, Ashley Hurlbut, Ben Gavett, Creighton Michael, Leslie Cecil, Abbey Ryan, Robert Vaughn, Michelle Markham, Karen Smallin, Ed Holmquist, Justin Hodge, Dan Foster, David and Lucy Funke, Lisa Iannello, John and Bob Williams, Greg Clark, Robert Adsit, Tina David, and Carol Ronovech.
And finally for work above and beyond, our deepest appreciation to Jean-Marc and Tania Golden and the rest of the Golden family.