They Paint Too.


It should surprise no one that a company committed to the arts attracts creative people. Even though Golden Artist Colors is a relatively small company in a remote location, the most fascinating aspect of They paint too. is the diversity it represents. Style and media range from classic to experimental, and artists also range from seasoned professionals with graduate degrees in fine art and gallery representation to self-taught artists who simply find joy in painting. Consistent to the work in this show, is a level of immersion into art materials that distinguishes it from any other group show. Whether or not there is mastery within a given medium (and there are examples of mastery here), every piece shows a level of comfort with and access to materials that comes from being close to the source.

Paintings by artists working at GOLDEN Artist Colors including: Jonie Bassett, Scott BennettStacy BrockSarah BurnsChristopher Farrell, Sam Golden, Ulysses JacksonCathy JenningsKaryn Meyer-Berthel, Lisa Nelson, Laura Schmitt, Lara Scott, Greg Stella, Michael Townsend,Jim Walsh, and Stephanie Wysluzaly