I am convinced that the gathering of artists that continue to join the Golden Artist Residency program are some of the most talented and important artists of our time. It was certainly no different this year as artists from eight different states and two countries joined us from February through November. Each of them selected on the quality, interest and uniqueness of their work. Yet, all the Residents came with the confidence of their own talents to be willing for four weeks to experiment, make work, push boundaries, sometimes fail and sometimes find new paths, that for many can be life changing. That is the uniqueness of this one-of-a-kind Residency program in the rural community of Columbus, NY.

Maybe it is the remoteness that allows for that freedom. Not concerned with gallerists or collectors who might force easier decisions; these artists forge ahead taking or discarding new ideas and materials with ease. Most of their work during the Residency remained unfinished, or test pieces, or samples to be unpacked later in the studio, yet with enough depth to last for years. This Made in Paint exhibition in the year following their residency provides an opportunity to truly showcase their professional work.

We remain excited to share with our Resident artists this very rural bucolic rolling landscape. While not close to any amenities one might expect in an even slightly larger community, we instead provide the incredible resources that have been developed over 40 years of working with artists at Golden Artist Colors. Our Research & Development Lab team and Materials & Applications Specialists team all join in the excitement of sharing their depth of technical information with each of our residents. What occurs during their four-week stay is an incredible dialogue that often leads to experimentation and reexamining materials, uncovering new opportunities that continue to support artists.

During their residency, each of the 18 artists spent time with the employees at both the Golden Foundation and Golden Artist Colors, which allowed for the exchange of ideas and experimentation. The diversity of the artists not only amplified the range of work that they challenged themselves with, it also pushed us to explore new solutions, thereby continuing to dispute preconceived notions of what is possible. While this catalogue captures the artwork in the 11th Made in Paint exhibition, it in no way replicates the incredible experience of seeing the works in person.

- Mark Golden