00 Virtual Tour Test

Virtual Tour Examples

Here are the two types of virtual tours we have on the current site. The tours themselves are on their own site at virtualtours.thesagg.org and we are embedding them (iframing) into the page here. They can really get put on any post or page. Future tours will require IT handling to place the tour on the virtualtours website and put the embedding code into the desired page.

HTML5 Virtual Tour

(10/31/2017) Kyler: These should be pretty easy for IT at least. The ones we have will need to be published for canvas in HTML5 and we'll just plug them in.

Crab Walk Virtual Tour

(10/31/2017) Kyler: These will take more work from IT. Most of the code on the pages need to be stripped. The position of the elements needs to be altered and any additional errors need to be fixed. I'd say maybe a day or two for work for me.